Obviously, I’m not going to be reviewing this production, since I worked on it.  But that gives me the right to promote it!

Hiawatha Project, a new theatre company dedicated to creating new and original performances exploring specific social questions, is proud to announce its debut theatrical work: Camino, an epic tale of immigrants in contemporary Pittsburgh, which will run at Dance Alloy Theater on Penn Avenue in Friendship, September 15-24, 2011.

Two men missing. Two women risking everything to find them.  And a lost flock of migrating birds just trying to make it home.

Their paths collide in surprising, desperate, and hilarious ways as they navigate an imagined near future permeated by GPS maps, outrageous red tape, and preconceived borders of race and belief.  A poetic exploration of the consequences of laws such as Arizona SB 1070, Camino exposes the profitable business of private immigrant detention centers in the U.S.  In doing so, it illuminates questions of survival and connectedness in our increasingly digitized world.

Hurry now to reserve tickets <http://hiawathaproject.showclix.com/> , as seating is limited!