“Dear Tatler–

I like to go to the theater as much as you do.  But I’m finding it increasingly difficult to attend productions at Quantum and Bricolage because, frankly, as I get older, I can’t handle time in those uncomfortable seats!!  I went to see Quantum’s production of The End of the Affair last week and midway through my back hurt so much I could scarcely think of anything else!!  As much as I look forward to productions at Bricolage, I need several bottles of the free Duquesne beer they serve in the lobby before the show starts in order to relax myself enough to be able to bear sitting in their seats, too!  City Theatre’s seating is almost, but not quite, as bad —

Do others have this problem, or am I alone?


Sore Theater Lover”

Dear Sore:

I feel your pain.  The Tatler is, as she has already confessed in an earlier post, well into her own middle age and despite daily yoga practice cannot sit for long in uncomfortable folding chairs without discomfort.  You may be relieved to know that Bricolage has announced its intention to resolve its seating problem.  But the Tatler suspects that the value of comfortable seating in the theatre is generally underrecognized in the ‘Burgh; perhaps your letter will prompt some reflection on the part of managers and artistic directors.