A family medical issue has called me out of town, and is also making it impossible for me to write the kind of thoughtful review I’d like to write about Dutchman at Bricolage.  Mark Clayton Southers has directed an excellent, thought-provoking production of Amiri Baraka’s play from the 1960s, a play that virtually noone stages anymore–a shame, because, as the audience talkback demonstrated, the uncomfortable truths about racism that it touches on are as relevant and incendiary as ever.  The set, light, and costume design are terrific, and the performances by Tami Dixon and Jonathan Berry are spot on.  I just want to encourage yinz to SEE THIS PLAY, and (because I’m not going to be able to write a really thorough review of the play before it closes) I refer you to Sean Collier’s rave about it in Pittsburgh Magazine.  Dutchman closes this weekend; don’t miss it.

Here’s a link to Collier’s review:  Dutchman’ Flies High at Bricolage – After Dark – May 2012.