You’ll be greeted (at a location I’m not permitted to disclose) by a person named “Freddy” who will give you a series of instructions and lead you to another location that I’m not permitted to disclose, where your refitnessing towards iConsciousness will take place.  On your journey to iConsciousness, you’ll be measured against others, encounter examinations of your perceptiveness and tests of your moral courage, peep at the seedy underbelly of fantasy, endure physical hardship, face questions about regrets and dreams, journey through darkness into light, and, if you’re one of the lucky few, find hope in the basement.

I wish I could tell you more about Bricolage’s Strata, but their anonymity and your comfort are their Levelworks partners…or some such Orwellianese.  Readers who had the good fortune to experience Teatro de los Sentidos’s experiential production in the Armory behind the Ellis School in 2009 will recognize the inspiration behind Strata;  but where that production’s immersion in the world of the senses had a transcendent effect, Strata’s is more mischievous, at once both sincerely earnest and ironically tongue-in-cheek.  Kudos go to Bricolage and its artistic collaborators for their masterful transformation of a hidden corner of Pittsburgh into . . .

I won’t disclose more; to do so could hinder your own achievement of iConsciousness, and you may never feel happy.

Go. Take a friend; the journey is designed to be experienced à deux.