Gentle Readers, I know you will share my shock and dismay at the following news, communicated by my colleague Susan Tsu:

“Dear Colleagues:
I have some terrible news. A week ago, at 4:00 a.m. while leaving a party, Randy Gener was badly beaten and it is thought to have been a hate crime. It took place around 54th/55th and 7th Avenue. Since then he has had brain surgery and is in recovery. I don’t know what hospital he is in, but am trying to find out.  I don’t know his current condition.
Articles in Broadway World and The Journalist seem to be the only printed news at the moment. Since leaving TCG, Randy has continued to be vital and busy, writing, blogging, reviewing, creating events in the Filipino community and Theatre community alike. You probably remember that he and I re-mounted the USITT/USA/PQ11 exhibit at La Mama La Galleria last December. He was also actively fundraising to help survivors of the typhoon in the Phillipines.
While remaining busy, Randy continued to look for a more permanent post, and I know that these past few years have been lean. A collection site has been established to help him pay for the medical bills accruing. If you feel it is appropriate, please help spread the word amongst people you know who know and care about Randy.  I have contacted all the PQ curators and team from 2011 and some from 2007. Randy was a huge help to us as we curated in 2011, and I had hopes that he could be a part of PQ for a very long time.
Let us keep Randy in our thoughts and prayers and hope that his strong spirit will help him pull through,
Randy visited CMU last year and impressed us all with his critical acumen and his prodigious body of knowledge and work. He’s been a pivotal voice in the theater arts community for many decades. Here’s hoping for Randy’s speedy and full recovery from this awful crime.