And there’s more!

I had forgotten that I had, on my phone, video of one of the more playful exhibits. The Russian exhibition, entitled “Meyerhold’s Dream,” lured the visitor in with a striking intervention into the hallway outside. Check this out:

Inside, an enormous man – Meyerhold – sleeping & breathing (& “dreaming”) – it’s his back that has burst through the wall:

This exhibit won the Gold Medal for Best PQ15 Publication – the book that accompanied this exhibit used a comic strip approach to deal with foundational ideas about scenography in a humorous and playful way. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any online images of this book, which was very clever and engaging.

I also wanted to share some photos of the CMU student performance of an original work, “Enfantine,” which told the story of childhood trauma in a mythical-poetic way, with puppets & masks carefully transported from Pittsburgh to Prague! The creative team behind this performance included Zoe Clayton, Olivia Hern, Rachel Abrams, Danielle Kling-Joseph, Abby Botnick, Anna Rosati, Rebecca Liu, and Keith Kelly.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to video of that performance:

And here are some selected images (all photos by Susan Tsu):


DSC_9642 DSC_9655 DSC_9670