What will you do, now that football season is over?

Well, there’s an embarrassment of performance riches in town right now. Where to begin?

Perhaps with Five, a dance performance by the Conservatory of Dance at Point Park. This is a world premiere of original modern dance choreography by Rubén Graciani and Kiesha Lalama that features a stunningly athletic ensemble of dancers from Point Park University. For reasons that will be clear to those of you who see the piece, I’m in no position to review it, but having seen it “from the inside,” so to speak, I can highly recommend it. Just enjoy the vibrant, mesmerizing choreography and don’t think too hard about whether or not you can figure out a coherent story (it is dance, after all, and not theater!)

Or if your football jonesing is better sated with musical theater, you’ve got choices! There’s the Broadway touring show of Cabaret at the Benedum – I saw this production on Broadway two years ago and loved it. The Pittsburgh Public Theater just opened Guys and Dolls, and the professional company of Pittsburgh Musical Theater will be opening a (G-rated) live version of Saturday Night Fever at the Byham (both of which I’ll be seeing and blogging about later this week).  Looking for something racier than a G-rating? The CMU School of Drama’s got The Full Monty, under the direction of Patrick Wilson, opening February 18 and running just two weeks. Rumor has it tickets are selling fast…you won’t see me writing about a CMU production on this blog (sorry, but I’ve made it a policy not to review our own shows) but I find that our students rarely disappoint.

Don’t like musicals? Not interested in young men doing striptease? Some Brighter Distance has another week left in its run at City Theatre, and it’s followed, beginning February 17, with Sister’s Easter Catechism, the latest in that popular series. You might also want to catch Mary Rawson’s superb performance in Quantum’s one-woman show Ciara before it closes on February 14.

If your taste runs to the experimental and off-the wall, the New Hazlett’s CSA Performance Series is presenting a one-night performance “A Brand New World: Kill the Artist” on Feb. 11 which sounds mighty interesting, and is making me wish I had one of Hermione Grainger’s time-turners so that I could be two places at once that evening.

Looking further ahead, there are a few shows coming up that I’m marking in my calendar way in advance. I’m nerdily excited about the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theater’s early March production Miss Julie, Clarissa, and Johnwhich is an adaptation of Strindberg’s Miss Julie, a play I adore. Also coming in March: Mark C. Thompson’s new work, Kimono, at Off The Wall in Carnegie. And then there’s the barebones production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, at the New Hazlett, and Annie Baker’s play The Flick, which has stirred lots of buzz, at the Pittsburgh Playhouse – both of these open in April. I can hardly wait.

Rumor has it, too, that Bricolage is working on a super-secret new project for early summer…but until they spill the beans on that show, their next big thing will be their annual B.U.S.

I’ve got my tickets, do you have yours?