Dear Reader, I’ll be there … I may even be in costume! Won’t you join me?

Bazaar Poster

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Bazaar is the first of its kind and if you’ve ever participated in a Bricolage production, you should expect nothing less than an astounding sensory experience.

Indulge in local libations from Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka and BLY Silver Rum. Feed your inner child with a delightful array of festival food. Tantalize the senses in a collection of mini immersive stations, each one designed by different performers, artists, and designers. 

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 Visit the Bricolage website to learn more. If for any reason you aren’t able to attend, please consider making a donation to Bricolage. Pittsburgh is lucky to have such an intrepid production company at its fingertips, and I’m excited to see what more they have in store.
Here is the Facebook event page, make sure to RSVP after you buy your ticket. Hope to see you there! 
PS: For you adventurous theater-goers, costumes are encouraged. Run with it!